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"I am thoroughly enjoying my Sphere Workstation.  I'm feeling more alert, and it's much easier to shift from the workstation and back again without having to try and extricate one's self from a chair (I must be showing my age). It has been nicknamed “the Beast”…" - Charles Andrews, Partner - Fitzherbert Rowe Lawyers

"I have been using my mogo at work and getting used to it. It is helpful to have to perch on when I need to rest for short periods. I am very used to sitting on hard and wooden seats which has been the case for years! Standing at work therefore has made such a huge and positive difference now after I saw the mogo being used by AUT's Grant Schofield. Thanks for making the mogo and related products available to us and wishing you and your team success with these products in the coming year." - Shyamala

"The Locus workstation is easy to operate and it is great to have the option to work standing or on the leaning Locus Seat." - Sam Rowe - Fitzherbert Rowe Lawyers

"I was already impressed with your handwritten card, and your email proves again that it is possible to add a personal touch to an impersonal online purchase. Chapeau! I’m thoroughly enjoying my Mogo. I wouldn’t go as far as that it is the best invention since sliced bread, but it is right up there =)" - Daniel

"The Mobis has been great so far…love the ability to stand up or sit down depending on the task and how I feel." - Martin

"The items are good quality and I've had no issues. I was given a few options for my different needs to find exactly what I wanted e.g. Oak top on Locus." - Kevin Gock of LeapThought

"The price justifies itself, it is not something I now regard as an issue in any way. The desk is easy to use, easy to adapt to, is aesthetically pleasing and readily consistent with other modern furniture in our office. The mileage it is getting, more than justifies our investment in it in my opinion. It has achieved for me what I wanted it to achieve, I sense that I am more productive and curiously less tired at the end of the day. I couldn't and wouldn't swap it now!" - Tim Ellis of Gasoline Alley Services

"I was Looking for something to help ease my back pain resulted from sitting for too long at work. I'm very happy with the Locus Seat, I've found it to be really helpful, my backache has reduced significantly, after six months of use, my favourite part is that my legs are getting stronger (I now use it for the whole day without needing to switch to sitting down in-between)" - Wei Han of Camorra Research Limited

"Confluence has allowed more efficient use of our room space, giving an open and spacious feeling to meetings which the staff have enjoyed." - Nick Davenport of Nexus Foams

"I work craft markets and I'm often on my feet for extended periods of time, the Mogo is so good as it perches me up and at the end of the market I just fold it away for next time!" - John Parry of Parry Soap Co

"I purchased a Mobis standing seat to use with the standing desk I use at work. Rick from One Three Five provided great sales support and took a personal interest in explaining how to best use the Mobis. Fast delivery and a clear billing process.  I really like the Mobis standing seat. The build quality is excellent. After an initial phase, I have noticed improvements in my posture and core. Recommended!" - Murray Whyte

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